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About David

David brings an intriguing combination of delight, patience, skill and creativity to the teaching of Argentine Tango.

He is a very analytical teacher, with a deep understanding of what makes movement beautiful. He also has a unique ability to create simple exercises and to provide explanations which transmit this understanding to his students.

David has studied movement reeducation (Ideokinesis and Feldenkrais) and also rhythm analysis. He has studied modern dance with Marni Wood (former dancer / director of the Martha Graham school) and with Ethel Dias (current teacher with the Alvin Ailey Company). In addition, he has studied Argentine Tango with Michael Walker and with many world class Argentine performers and instructors. He has been teaching Argentine Tango for over 20 years.

About Nancy

Nancy bubbles over with enthusiasm and joy. She believes strongly that it is as important for people to know what they do right as what they can improve.

Nancy has an incredible ability to see where students are, and where they could be. She also creates exercises, typically designed to profoundly change how the students relate to their bodies and to movement.

Nancy has had an extensive education in classical art and music, as well as studying classical dance for over 20 years. She has performed in New York City and at prestigious Jacob's Pillow. She has studied Argentine Tango with David and with Michael Walker.

Image of Nancy

About Our Students

Our current students include people who have performed with the Joffrey Ballet, on Broadway, with Erick Hawkins (Modern) Dance Company and in Las Vegas. Teachers of both social and classical dance take our classes. We have students performing in international dance festivals and for major corporations.