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Performance for Those Willing to Suffer - Dominating Music 1

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Tango is Like Life:

(Nancy speaking) At the end of this video, David says, "You have to be really clear because, if you're half hearted about it, it really doesn't work." It's impressive to me just how many of the things we teach for dance are very true for life as well. People who have their goals really clearly defined and who whole heartedly pursue them are so much more likely to achieve them, than those who don't.

Artist Name:
Zully Goldfarb
Song Title:
Para Zully Instrumental
Album Title:
Ciudad De Nostalgia
Artist Website:

Complex tangos sung in both spanish and yiddish with great authenticity.

From artist's website about one album: Tells the story of piringundines, from German cabaret to the Buenos Aires tango venue, and with the tango it will take us through a history of crossed destinies, and misunderstandings, love, and forget that we identifys as Argentinians.

And so, if you're dancing to the song, that's like this. Where it's, "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang". It's really fast,
There's this instinct to keep going with the music.
But, if the music is fast the whole way through, in your choreographic routine, what happens is,
You're going, "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang...", and, eventually, the audience gets tired of it.
They want to hear "Bang, bang, bang... Bang,bang!" Which is a much more interesting thing.
So, when you hear music going really fast, sometimes, you have to be able to...
Find a way to go slower or faster. Against the music.
Let's show going slow. Slowly, against this music.
Then, maybe, you release.
D: But the point is... Or, likewise, "Oblivion", a wonderful song.
N: It's a wonderful song.
If the music is going deeeee, you don't want to go deeeee the whole song.
You know, you've taken one step. The audience goes to sleep. So, instead, you go deee... Ah!
And so that you gave these moments of speed, inside the slowness.
And you have to be really clear. So, for example, if we're listening.
Maybe, this if what music is doing: da-da-ta-tee, da-da-pa-pa-da. And instead, I want you to be able to say, "Dah... Dum... Baah".
Right? So, you can choose to accent the whole phrase as one piece.
But you have to be really clear, and really committed.
Because, if you're, sort of, half hearted about it - it really doesn't work.