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First Pass at Performing Tango - Putting It All Together

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Post a question on our forum here.

Will you be petrified before your first performance? Very few people do what we call "dancing up" (dancing better than they normally dance) when they perform. Most dance one level worse because of nerves or split concentration.

So we recommend you get so familiar with your dance that your next best level is extremely good. Really knowing the choreography helps nerves. Also, it helps to visualize the joy inside the dance so that, the instant you start moving, everything disappears and there is only the dancing left.

If you are already used to performing, then think about how you can make your performance project more into the audience, even when it's supposed to be about your romantic connection to your partner. Take your mind and imagine it pulling your energy to the corners of the room. Though it sounds very strange, that really helps.

Artist Name:
Color Tango
Song Title:
A Evaristo Carriego
Album Title:
Con Estilo Para Bailar 2
Artist Website:

(Paraphrased from Color Tango was founded and is directed by Roberto Alvarez. Quoting Roberto Alvarez: "Our music is focused on what tango is for: the dance. Tango had a bad time, when orchestras dissolved."

So, you're about to see two small sections of choreography that I created for Malakai and Jessica.
And, we'll stop it there.
That was two small pieces from one of their choreographies. It's online, so you can see the thing in its entirety.
But I'd like to talk about how they were...
All of the pieces that we've been talking about, in these recent chapters, were incorporated.
So, at the beginning, the music started. And there was this beginning in the music. And so, they had a beginning, where ...
Just sketch it. So, let me move you here. You don't have to really do it. Don't pick her up.
Just so the viewer knows what we're talking about.
So, at the beginning, they're there. He walks around, yada-yada.
Here they emote passion. Right there, the music has this slow sustainment.
And I thought, "Oh, that would be fun". So, we had some dramatic beginning. Which was all about this lift. So, he lifts her up.
Not to this music. You know, it fit the music better. Give it a go, keep going.
One, two, three. Takes her out. Takes her back. Puts her up. Onward, upward.
This is, you know. The real thing is better than this.
They come up, and then she goes down. And there's this beautiful line, long and lyrical.
And so, that's one section of the music. And then, all of a sudden, it becomes very strident. Much like this: "Da, da, da, da; da da".
And when you hit this strident thing, then, all of a sudden, they go into these sacadas. Bang! Bang! Right.
And so, that was the first section. Was how... The... You have these different phrases in the music, and we fit the choreography to that.
And you see that they have their bodies very long and active. And that their movement wasn't even.
It was rich and textured and had moving through.
Later on, they had a second set. Actually, the music you hear now, right, it's very fast.
And so, when you watch the video clip, you'll see the fast to this.
Then, the second section had the same idea. It starts with an exuding chemistry, which is this choreographic structure.
That you have some things that are about fancy tricks. You have some things that are about chemistry.
You have some things that are about cool steps.
And so, they exude chemistry. And then, they go from this thing of exuding chemistry, to this sharp, cool step.
So, if you do that,
Right here, they're sideways, they exuding chemistry, she drags up along him, "Oh, my".
There's the pressure, yada-yada-yada, he walks around.
It's still slow, and long. And right there, just hit the lunge line.
And, there's this beautiful line. And then, I better move out of the way.
It becomes sharp, and dramatic. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! And they keep going, enganches, and so on and so forth. Thank you.
So, when you watch this chapter, I actually want you to watch it twice. The beginning, watch the beginning again.
So, right now, the comment is: see how it fits the music.
Then, also see, how, because it fits the music, and the music is appropriate, so it's very varied,
That... The choreography itself has sections. Of acting, or big trick, or cool combination. Or something to keep the interest.
And then, as you watch, also notice how alive their bodies are.
So, that... Even if you have all these other pieces working together, without life, you know, you can be like this.
Greatest choreography in the world, greatest music,
No one's going to want to pay to see that.