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If you don't know where to start, here are some playlists that may be able to help you. If you have a request for a playlist, let us know.

  • I have 2 left feet - help me dance

    We can understand that learning dance can be really challenging and that, many times, classes go way too fast. Below is a playlist of videos whose purpose is to gently introduce you to tango. We strongly recommend that you spend some time on each video, watch it multiple times and actually practice it, moving your feet behind us. We also include a few videos just so you can see what's out there. We don't want you to try to work on them, we just want you to watch and enjoy. Those videos are: gancho, the kick between the legs you see in performances on tv (if you watch these), some combining of steps, even a lift.

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  • I want to perform and I know some tango

    There are 3 things you need to know to create a performance: You need to know vocabulary. You need to be able to execute it in a dramatic way and you need to be able to put together a routine with that vocabulary. We're assuming you already know a fair amount of tango so we are not going to spend much time on vocabulary in this playlist. We have videos addressing these other issues below and there's lots more once you're done.

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  • I'm new to tango. Where should I start

    Welcome. Congratulations. You are about to start on a fun and exciting adventure. We're going to do two things. First, we are going to include videos that will let you get up and start dancing really fast. Then, second, tango is a really broad subject which includes many different kinds of dancing and many different topics. We'll give you a selection of a few of the many different topics that are available. Probably, eventually, you'll also want to read some of our articles so you get an idea about what to expect at a tango dance and about the culture of tango.

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  • We're a couple wanting an adventure

    One of the amazing things about tango is that you learn how to actively listen and to communicate with eachother through touch. The experience can cover a range from tender intimacy to very hot and steamy. We'll show you a few videos about touch and then teach you some core tango steps. Then we'll teach more about creating the magic and, finally, we'll give you some very dramatic moves. We think you'll have a lot of fun.

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  • I know lots of tango and want to go deeper

    You know a lot which means there are a lot of different ways you can go. Creating a playlist is no longer straightforward. We're going to give you a varied sampling. The playlist below assumes you know basic beginning and intermediate tango steps. You may well know a great deal more than that. Included here are some more advanced combinations, some videos that discuss the essence of basic steps, and some combinations in each of milonga and vals. If you want to explore any of this further, there is lots more available.

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  • I'm analytical. I want to learn how tango works

    We understand people who think in a very analytical way. It's fascinating how the steps can fit together and what are the possible mechanics of moving from one step to another. It's fun to explore possibilities. Since we don't know if you know any tango or, if you do, how much, we have started this playlist with basic beginning and some intermediate steps. Then we move to videos that explain the structure of tango. If you need more basics first, there is a very great deal more videos explaining the basics. If you're intrigued by the idea of easy transitions from one step to another, we have more videos about that.

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