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Artist Name:
Manuel Barrueco
Song Title:
Tango Etude #3
Album Title:
Solo Piazzolla
Artist Website:

From the artist's website: Manuel Barrueco is internationally recognized as one of the most important guitarists of our time. His unique artistry has been continually described as that of a superb instrumentalist and a superior and elegant musician, possessing a seductive sound and uncommon lyrical gifts....In 2007 Manuel Barrueco received a Grammy nomination for the “Best Instrumental Soloist Performance” for his Solo Piazzolla, which was the first recording to be released on the exclusive Manuel Barrueco Collection on Tonar Music.

So, a lot of times when we're dancing, we're demonstrating.
And, when I'm dancing with David, demonstrating for class... David is a born teacher.
And, when he's teaching, his mind is on his class.
So, we're demonstrating, and we're dancing together, and I can feel some piece of him together with me,
But we're really not sharing the world the way we're saying that is optimal in terms of social dancing.
Because both of us, and, especially, David - I'm aware of his energy and his attention also being out to the class.
D: And this is showing not that.
N: And this is showing not that. Which should be very fun for me.