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Cool Ways to Travel - Adv - Lunge To Lean To Lunge

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We wish there were more practicas. The problem isn't that there aren't practicas, but that, when people go to practicas, they don't practice. They dance. In and of itself, that's not a problem except that there don't exist many venues where people can just exchange ideas and explore.

If you go to a practica and you want to practice, it's completely socially acceptable. But, at the same time, you'll be the odd person out. Be brave. Pick something to work on and say, "I'd like to work on this." And most people will be very receptive.

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Trio Garufa
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Album Title:
El Rumor De Tus Tangos
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From website: Trio Garufa is an international ensemble dedicated to performing authentic Argentine music. They have performed across Argentina, Canada and the US. Trio Garufa performs traditional Argentine tango, modern tango styles such as Astor Piazzolla's music or electro tangos, original tango compositions, and Argentine folk music. Their music is exciting, virtuosic, and rooted in the dance. They are the only tango ensemble in the US to have performed extensively in the milongas (tango dance clubs) of Buenos Aires. The group includes Guillermo García, guitar (Argentina) Adrian Jost, bandoneon (Switzerland) and Sascha Jacobsen, string bass (California).

So talking it.
At the beginning, I push her.
So I'm stepping: weight change, side. I'm stepping to the middle
of my foot - or even a little bit to my heel.
So that way, when I shift to the ball of my foot,
that point’s her back.
So this is just the shift to the ball of my foot,
that pushes her back a little bit.
From there I’m going to lift up, so the ladies lift up…
..and in my back arm, I’m lifting up
and a little bit towards me to encourage her to lean.
So I say, "lean" as I shift her and that gets us into a lean.
Which is the only way I could have done that
without falling all the way over.
Now from there, after this lift up for the leader-
lady really elongating...
..and pushing from the top aggressively,
like any other lean.
I’m going to shift my body forward
and turn it a little bit to my left…
01:13 get her left foot to go back and cross.
And then I'll shift more to get her to shift to that leg.
So we have, weight change, side, point.
Here I’m going to lift - up, as I push forward.
And then I’ll push forward a little bit more
and a little down to get a point and then we’ll exit.
For the followers as you do this, really I want you to think…
..most about the sense of really lengthening
and holding a lot in your core.
And timing.
What about timing?
That, you don’t just boom lean.
That as he moves you back,
you lean more and more forward...
02:03 order to get the balance, to get into the cross.