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Musicality - Dancing Slower

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Definitely takes the courage of your convictions.

The Courage of Your Convictions

Artist Name:
Narisco Saul
Song Title:
Album Title:
El Tango de Narisco
Artist Website:

From website - loosely translated: Born in Buenos Aires on June 21, 1957. He began studying music in 1965 starting with the piano and later dedicated to the electric guitar. In 1975 he began to study classical guitar and harmony and in 1977 entered the Juan José Castro Provincial Conservatory, having as teachers Enrique Belloc, Graciela Pomponio, and Pedro Miguel Angel Girollet Chiambaretta among others. Graduated in 1985 with the title of Senior Lecturer of Guitar. Since 1978 works in popular music. In 1979 he began studying jazz with guitarist Mario Andreola. Since 1980 he is professor at the Universidad del Salvador, (Faculty of Music Therapy) and since 1988 the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel de Falla.

And so, the point, as we dance, is that... If music is going so...
I want to say, with such a soft touch,
Or, if you want to think about dancing slowly, I don't want you to think, "I'm going to dance slowly".
I want you to think, "I'm going to listen to the music".
And then, have the courage to let the music take you as slow as it wants to.
And that does take courage.
D: Because there's always this instinct, "Oh, we have to do stuff. We have to entertain."
N: Right.
And, as long as you keep your body engaged, and you feel that... and then move - it's real.
And if it's real, it's going to be entertaining.