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Touch - Raw Sexuality

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We think it's really cool that, as you get very into it and quite skilled, all of a sudden, understandings in tango can help you in other areas in life.

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Q Tango
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Live Four Q Tango
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From website: Created in July, 2009 by Erskine Maytorena, a third generation tango musician and opera singer, QTANGO performs authentic Argentine tango arrangements throughout the southwest, with multiple tours including appearances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Tucson, Sedona, Las Vegas, El Paso, Santa Fe and Albuqeurque. Specializing in the traditional tango music of the "Golden Age" of the great Argentine tango orchestras, QTANGO's dynamic and powerful music keeps dancers on the floor and listeners enthralled. Every song is a novella; a story of love, betrayal, desperation and hope. QTANGO's musicians give the audience a unique and intimate experience, an acoustic resonance only an orchestra can provide, a journey into the romance, passion and elegance of tango. Whether touring as a quartet or performing gala events with over 14 musicians, every performance is sophisticated, engaging, nostalgic, and moving.

This is Malakai and Jessica. They are very beloved students of ours. Malakai's been studying with us for about three years,
And he's an amazing choreographer already. Pretty soon, well, relatively soon, I hope to be able to have a video
Of a dance that he choreographed on our website. Or, even more.
Jessica has been studying with us for about two years. And, just wait 'til you see how she moves. I'm so proud of them.
They're going to do a series for us that talks about using touch to communicate. And experience.
And the first one is titled "Raw Sexuality". There are differences in the way you touch
When you want to communicate sex, or you want to communicate tenderness.
D: And let me add one comment. When we say raw sexuality, we mean this in a tango context.
N: Of course.
D: Just saying.
So, with that, please, come.
So, if they embrace each other and start to ooze. So, you can two can start to ooze.
So, what are things? First thing you notice, one thing I notice, is you see the face comes closer. And they,
I want to say, they're, sort of, deliberately into each other's space.
If you look at the hands, there's more pressure. There's consciousness. There's activeness.
The direction of the pressure is inward. So, if... If you guys do a little more?
So, first off, we said, we wanted to create this thing that looks like raw sexuality.
And what we ended up with is they're trying to do something.
So then, I said, "Well, just do what you do. And let's see what it looks like". And this is what we got.
In terms of the pressure, the pressure is towards the body.
The muscles tighten a little bit. But the sense is that you feel it in your own body. And you project that to the other person.
So, if you separate for a second. Oh, darn. So, if you separate for a second,
Can you, Malakai, do that just inside your own body? No, Jessica. He's like, "That's not nearly as fun".
N: Not very well.
D: Not very well, He's like, "no, not the same."
It's this particular beautiful woman in front of him.
Alright. So, I'm going to run in. And I'm going to pretend to do it by myself.
N: Can you do it by yourself?
D: Sure. And, forgive the microphone, if you hear it rustling.
And, there's a sense, that, in myself, I'm tightening up and I'm rising. But it's not about the shoulders rising. It's about the body's heat and about muscles engaging.
And then, what you do, is you can say one thing is you can just feel this inside yourself.
And then, put yourself close to another person. And the same way, that... May I?
You know, if I tighten my hand, she'll tighten. You know, you go to shake someone's hand. They're like, "RRah". So, you go "Waaa".
And, just for effect, if you back away a little bit. Just a little. Two inches. With the heads, too.
And now, you slowly go towards each other. And you create pressure.
So, I want you to say, see, that there's this consciousness, in the use of the face, of going into each other's space.