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Close Embrace - Additional Elements - Trap

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In other dances, they do lots of fancy stuff with the arms. They'll have an underarm turn, they'll make long lines with the arms. In tango, in a subtle but substantial way, we also do fancy things with the arms but our fancy things with the arms are, on the whole, about communicating with each other.

In the legs, we do have things which are very comparable. These things can be about the relating between the partners, like this trap, or it can be about an embellishment (more in the embellishment series).

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Juan Carlos Caceres
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Como Dos Extranos
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Album Unknown
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(From the website): Possessed by a strong magnetic tellurism, Cáceres was always to be found within the limits of the hurricane’s eye.

So, we were talking about teaching this one, which is the trap in close embrace.
And David shook his head like this. And then he said, "Well, it's nice".
So, I guess that means it's a little bit hard. But it's very cool. And so, that makes it worth it.
Yeah, it really is fun.
And, for the leaders, there's really this sense that you want to create space for her while still being close.
So, that, when I go for this freno,... So they can see,
Here. In somewhat sense, I open my... I turn my body a little bit, to my right,
And that will,... and I turn her the tiniest hair to her... What is it? , to her right, as well.
So that there's room for her to walk over. And, for the ladies, you don't need a lot of room.
So, you can be here. And he can say... And that's it.
And, unlike the normal walk over after a freno, you want to make sure, that when you walk over this time, that you...
You actually don't want to go too far away.
So we told you in open embrace, you want to, sort of, make this equilateral triangle.
Here, you want to do the same. But you want to stay really close.
And so, the instinct is, actually, to walk too far and to throw him off balance. So, if I follow this,
Right here, look at how it barely moves. And then, we go on. So, you barely go over his foot.
David does something, as a leader, that I really like.
Once I go over, he holds me very tight, as he steps around to focus... To pivot us to face again.
So that I have plenty of help in the pivot, even though it's very close.
N: And it really feels fun and supported.
D: It's a good point. It's a good point.
So, as we do this,
I'll let her shift forward to the ball of her left foot. Then I'll hold her pretty firmly,
So as I shift, she doesn't have to worry about balance.