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Embellishments - Taking the Lead - Starting The Stop

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It's interesting how much clear intention helps whoever is leading. When a follower wants to take back the lead, her signal on the leader must not be wishy washy. It must be an unequivocal expression that she wants a turn and then that her turn has ended.

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Narisco Saul
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El Tango de Narisco
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From website - loosely translated: Born in Buenos Aires on June 21, 1957. He began studying music in 1965 starting with the piano and later dedicated to the electric guitar. In 1975 he began to study classical guitar and harmony and in 1977 entered the Juan José Castro Provincial Conservatory, having as teachers Enrique Belloc, Graciela Pomponio, and Pedro Miguel Angel Girollet Chiambaretta among others. Graduated in 1985 with the title of Senior Lecturer of Guitar. Since 1978 works in popular music. In 1979 he began studying jazz with guitarist Mario Andreola. Since 1980 he is professor at the Universidad del Salvador, (Faculty of Music Therapy) and since 1988 the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel de Falla.

We talk about the leader being the king. And, the follower - the queen.
And that's almost always true. Except, when we take back the lead.
So, in somewhat more advanced dancing in tango, we can be dancing along.
And, all of a sudden, the follower will have an idea for some embellishment they want to do, or something they want.
And they can just tell the leader, "Stop! And wait for me". Like this.
D: I'll say, more than somewhat advanced.
N: OK, maybe more than somewhat advanced.
N: I'm thinking it should be this way, so they can see me clamp down.
D: OK.
See, I went, like, "Boom". And now, if I want, I can do what I want.
And he'll wait, until I let go, and give it back to him.
Let's show it once in this camera.
So, I'm dancing, and she says... Oh, wrong angle. So, I'm dancing, and she says...
Like that. And he knows to stop.
'Cause that's what he does to me, when he wants me to stop. And then, I can do my thing.
And then, I let it go.
I'd also like to make a few comments.
So, one, for the ladies, some guys can be a little bit... What's the word?
Yeah, not every guy is psychologically available to that.
D: So, just know your partner, and...
N: Be diplomatic.
D: Be diplomatic.
And then, also, the truth is, to get good at doing this, you have to get good at leading.
That's a radical statement.
I think you need to understand what is required to communicate to the leader that you want it now.
But, like she said. Basically, short story: you're dancing. Slowly apply pressure and say, "Hey, wait for me".
Make it very clear, and very... deliberate. Then, do your thing. And then, give it back.