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Embellishments - Taking the Lead - Now It's Dialogue

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This is about playing.

Have fun.

Artist Name:
Kristina Olsen
Song Title:
A Brusa
Album Title:
In Your Darkened Room
Artist Website:

From a review on the website: Olsen, an itinerant troubadour who regularly graces Australian folk festivals, was at her most engaging. Such was the candour of her songs and chatty tales that it would impossible for anyone with blood in their veins not to empathise with her. Her full-throated voice and crisp guitar served up such diverse subject matter as crop-dusting and prostitution, while a revealing yarn about life-drawing classes introduced The Truth of a Woman. From her new CD came In Your Darkened Room, the title track to an album containing some of her finest work, a black frost edging her usual warmth and humour.

This next one is harder yet. And it's really all about timing.
Because we can switch back and forth who has the lead. And, who gets to choose to do stuff.
And that's really fun.
So, for example, you'll often see people do things, like...
D: Where we just go back and forth. She drags me, I drag her. She traps me.
N: Or, I could decide arbitrarily, that I wanted to trap, to come over.
And then, I grab her back. And she drags it back. And then, she goes to walk over, and I don't let her. Surprising her slightly.
Not just slightly.
But what makes that work?
Timing, and intention.
So, when we want to do something like that, it has to be clear what we want to ourselves.
And we have to catch it, before the leader or follower, before our partner has a chance to start on something else.
D: Ask me, what makes that work.
N: What makes...
D: Timing!
Right, so it's, sort of, the same thing. You just catch it right before.
So, let's, in slow motion, watch the feet.
N: You've set me up, David.
D: Oh, absolutely.
So, for example. I drag her; bang! Then she drags me back.
D: If I drag her, and I already move her body, it's too late.
N: Unless, I catch it at the right time.
D: So, if I'm dragging her, she goes... And back. You see, it doesn't get there.
N: So, I caught him before he finished.
Just that tiny bit, before he finished, which is what let me do it.
Now, second thing. Is it, sort of... It's sort of fun, if you make sure, that... you vary it. Right?
So, if he drags your leg, you might do something a cousin, to drag him back. Or, you might... I'm the comedian, when I dance.
N: No.
D: Not always, but sometimes.
So, for example, I like this idea, where you take expectations. You know, she walks over for a freno, you stop it.
Or, for example, there's a drag. She drags you; do-do-do; you drag her. At some point, maybe you pop up, after she would drag.
So, when you feel the partner coming, especially, as a lady... Guys will do something... It's easy to mess with them.
I shouldn't say that, it's terrible. It's easy to mess with them. So, once you're in the middle of this, and it's cool, then, do the unexpected.