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A Sample Choreography - Performance Choreography - Intro

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Post a question on our forum here.

It would be interesting to take some time to talk about why you are looking at performance videos at all. What it is you are wanting to do? Some people are wanting to perform and that's a pretty straight forward thing. If you need to choreograph, we have videos about choreographing. If you want to work on your performing skill set, then building yourself into a more magnetic dancer is very much about fundamentals.

  • dynamic posture
  • stage presence
  • timing

Basically, fundamentals are very hard things to work on. You need great instruction and you need to be willing to examine subtle things:

  • Do you look at your posture in the mirror?
  • Do you video yourself and take notes on things you can improve?
  • Do you study your timing?

One piece we think most people overlook, however, is what we'll call marketing. Even if you have a nice choreography and even if you can perform it well, then what? There are often number of places which would be happy to have you perform:

  • weekly dances
  • churches
  • festival of ethnic culture
  • other dance groups events

But you want to be sure you have a demo tape and that the demo tapes are in costume with a good background, ideally a stage, and that you have appropriate props and lighting. Don't think of it as you are doing a dance choreography. Think of it as you are putting together one scene in a production. Now that you have a nice demo tape, you can show it around.

If you want to do this for money, then really be prepared to hustle a lot. You'll have to create your own venues and your own customers, at least in the beginning.

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Mandragora Tango
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Adios Nonino
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Let's Have Dinner And Go Dancing
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From website: Mandrágora Tango is a tango band headed by bandoneonist Bob Barnes and guitarist Scott Mateo Davies, 2 Minneapolis-based musicians who are wildly passionate about tango. We have been playing tango for dancing and listening since 2001 and we are still going strong. We've played in over 40 cities all over the United States.