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Từ Một Ocho Để Một - Beg / Int - Pivoting From Front Ocho To Back Ocho

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So many steps look cool but are harder than they look. Steps that look cool but aren't too hard are precious to us as teachers. The leaders need to have clarity in the movement of their chests when asking the followers to pivot. It's much more important for the lead to pivot to be clear than for it to be big. Ideally this lead from the chest originates in the very low core. The followers need to not go too fast, but, instead, as I (Nancy) say in class, to let the King go you both. The trick, as we say often, is for the follower not to move until the lead hits their core.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Zully Goldfarb
Tên bài hát:
Niebla Del Riachuelo
Tiêu đề album:
Ciudad De Nostalgia
Trang nghệ sĩ:

Complex tangos sung in both spanish and yiddish with great authenticity.

From artist's website about one album: Tells the story of piringundines, from German cabaret to the Buenos Aires tango venue, and with the tango it will take us through a history of crossed destinies, and misunderstandings, love, and forget that we identifys as Argentinians.

There are a lot of ways to go from
front ocho to back ocho...
..or from back ocho to front ocho.
And this first one that we’re going to show is
one that a lot of people think is really cool.
Which one is it that we’re going to show?
Just the sarandeo.
Here’s front ocho.
Here’s... back ocho.
So all he has to do is
pivot me at any time.
D: One extra pivot...
N: ..and change direction.
One thing that’s important with that
for the follower is that...
..the follower doesn’t go ahead
of the leader.
So we have to wait for him to lead us to
whatever he wants in the ochos...
00:53 order for him to be able to do
the switch of direction.
And I want also to make the comment;
that you can do more than one.
So we did one extra pivot,
but you can just keep going back and forth.
So we have a back ocho for example...
..and here we might go; here’s our one pivot,
"No I changed my mind."
"No I change my mind.
No I change my mind."
"Oh this is fun. Now let’s go back into
back ocho this time," right?
So you can pivot any number of times...
..and then end up with front ocho or
back ocho as you like.