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Đưa nhiều thứ cùng nhau - Adv - Pivoting Through Eachother

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We like the texture of the pivoting together in this step. Find the interpersonal dynamic and it feels really cool. You are each shifting from one foot to the other while you pivot. The trick is to make the pivot and the weight shift as much together as possible.

It's almost impossible to get that togetherness if the follower tries to "help" make the step work. It does help a lot if the follower allows the leader to do them both rather than trying to pivot and shift.

While the follower is letting the leader do them both, the follower is engaging her body. She grows out of the floor like a tree into the sky and the engagement from the balls of her feet to the top of her head helps make it magic.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Orchestra Del Mar
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Tiêu đề album:
Milonga De Hoy
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From cd baby: Beautiful adult voices, leading accordion and a warm strings trio are supported by a modern jazz rhythm section on Piazzolla, Gismonti and others south american highlights

One of the times we really like a lot is
when we could move completely together.
In this combination, there are places where
we’re doing something different…
..and we’re still moving completely together.
So it starts, the first three steps of the basic.
And then, after that, we turn through eachother,
so, we’re really about facing each other.
That turning through is a wonderful opportunity
to be very together.
It’s a little hard to explain that we’re on one foot...
..and, as we turn, we transfer our weight to the other foot.
And notice, also, that I’m a little to the side,
not a little, I am to the side of her.
So, in that side view, it’s this
rather than here, which is in front.
And that wouldn’t work if
we went turned through each other.
Also, when he steps, he steps a little bit
further forward than normal for the basic.
So that, when we turn through each other,
it can work.
And then I do a forward ocho but I pivot my leg
as he circles to the sacada.
So let’s do that last bit slow motion.
We’re here, we’ve turned through each other, we step...
..and now, as she ochos, I circle, as well.
As she pivots and extends, I extend.
Notice, well you probably can’t see it, but I’m really using my right arm...
01:54 that circle of my foot in order to control it.
We pivot through each other.
I take her with me.
Here, we circle together and through...
..come in together and through,
come in together and exit.
And so, the trick is, for the leader, making sure
that, as you start to rotate in your chest,...
..for each of her steps, as she’s vacating
her past space, you start to go forward to take it.
One more time, same thing.
And let’s make sure we’re in the foot camera.
Did you notice how much
we were together as we circled?
It’s kind of cool.