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Từ vựng - Lấy 2 - Người theo dõi - Freno

Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
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People collect a couple of embellishments like automatic nervous system responses to stimuli. A very common example is: come to a freno, automatically flick the foot up at the knee after you step over before you put weight on that foot. We've seen followers do this every single time they get to a freno, pretty much as if they can't help it.

There are many embellishments that could be done here and we teach quite a few of them in the series about embellishments. However, one point we particularly want to make is that, every time you do an embellishment, it should be chosen, deliberate, and executed cleanly (rather than sloppy and automatic). Make any embellishments you do at the freno be a part of the special communication between the follower and the leader.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Pablo Banchero
Tên bài hát:
Boca Juniors
Tiêu đề album:
Tangos Nuevos - Modales y Finura
Trang nghệ sĩ:

One of our favorite singers of the modern day.

So this is one time when we have fewer little details
to give to the women than the men...
..which I think is totally reasonable.
Men can really hard and we can just enjoy it.
One of the most important things is something we say
over and over again which is;...
..after we come to the freno and we step over…
..we put ourselves solidly on the ball of our foot
and then we just wait.
Just wait and the man will make something magic happen
which is his job.
Another thing that we wanted to
reassure you…
..there are tons of fancy things
a woman can do at the freno.
We will be teaching you tons of fancy things to do
at the freno in a later video.
I bet they're going to say,
“Where is the later video?”
We’ll have it - later.
So I step over whenever I want.
I go to the ball of my foot and then I just wait.
And then I’ll pivot her to face me.
And so, there really is that instinct to shift too far forward.
Also, I think a really interesting thing
to talk about is this distinction of…
..when is it the followers perogative
and when is it the leader’s…
..when does it transition.
And it transitions as soon as I put weight
on the ball of my, in this case, left foot.
So right now, in a sense, I have the lead and
I’ll do anything I want for as long as I want…
..until I step over and put weight
on the ball of my foot.
I can step over
but until I put weight there, it’s still me.
But once she starts to put weight over,
right there...
01:36 I’m going to take over.
N: Now he has the lead.
And that's more custom than anything else.