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Lấy 4 - Deriving The Basic

Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
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We like that the basic is about a great deal of facing and that the first steps in a line are about a subtle pull away from the facing and then the pull back to the wholeness of the facing in the cross. One thing that's interesting about the lead to the cross is that there are a number of very different very valid leads and follows (and we teach a number of them).

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Lucio Arce
Tên bài hát:
Sin Red
Tiêu đề album:
¿Trajiste la guitarra?
Trang nghệ sĩ:

Lucio Arce has an authentic caberet feeling to his guitar playing and singing. There are overtones, sometimes, of jazz and playfulness.

And what was this about?
And for me, this is about the sense of the body being whole.
So as we dance the basic, there's lots of ways you could do a basic, we could do this
I don't really see us doing this, David
Why would we even want to, I don't know, but we could
And so, if you think, "What does it feel like, to be fully able to move?"
That's... that's being able to use... So, for example, there's this counter-body motion. Or from another angle.
And that's in a basic, because that's how you move naturally
And being whole is about taking natural movement and making it stronger
So i have, ugh... part of you, students, who, when they're dancing with a partner, that... particularly the men, but sometimes the women too, and they're dancing like this
You shuffle, and you put your head down, you step wide, so you don't step on their feet
Right, and then I say to them "How do you walk, when you're in a supermarket?"
And unless they have really dysfunctional bodies, they'll do something like this
And then I'll say "OK, do that", and they'll do that, and I'll be back here, and they''ll do it
As you make the bar with your hands, just for fun
I thought you were the one making the bar with your hands, you're walking in a supermarket right now
Oh, so you're the cart?
No, I'm not
You're not the cart?
No, I work in a supermarket
There we go. And then I'll just walk in front of them, and then after a while I'll walk closer to them
And then after a while we can even be on the body, and they're walking naturally, instead of all this other stuff going on.
So look, what does a natural walk look like, It means you push off your back foot, you use your whole body, it means you have control, all this detail.
Walk naturally, exaggerate it, and then think "Can I do this when I dance?"
And then, after you think "No", then try it.
Yeah, really