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Đền bù cho đối tác của bạn - He Rushes

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As we've said, almost every leader starts out by going too fast; by not understanding where the follower needs extra time. Every single leader who is enchanting (and some of our students are powerfully enchanting leaders) knows when to allow the follower that little moment of extra time. This is a really important element in how the follower experiences the dance.

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Alexanderplatz Tango
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Emigrante (Electrotango)
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(From Wikipedia): Tanghetto is a musical group based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one of the most important on the neo tango scene. The style of Tanghetto is a blend of tango and electronic music.

A lot of times, when men start dancing, they go too fast.
And then, we have to teach them how to wait for us.
And, particularly, at a place where a woman's pivoting, Or, when she has to...
When he's just changed feet. Or, he's just waiting and she has to change feet, and then pivot out.
They're going to want us to go, before we're fully balanced over the ball of our foot and have completed our pivot.
And, what do we do about that? The answer is, we don't go.
And so, not going... If we don't go with great charm,
And we look up at him. And our arms give a little bit so he feels like we're responding to him. They don't mind that.
Let me show that.
Not just the arms... Yeah, no, you're right. It is just the arms. But it feels like the body. The body, very subtly.
So, he's going to rush me. And I'm just going to...
N: That's severe, David.
D: Well, I want them to see that I'm rushing you.
This way, this way. Come over here.
And that, really... OK, that was severe. But, really, the men frequently, no offense, guys,
Want to get the woman going before she's finished.
And, that's what you do. You, kind of, give with your arms, and then, with your body,
You take your time, until you can complete whatever it is you're doing.
So, do that with me. I'm the girl, she's the guy.
N: You want me to rush you?
D: Yeah.
N: I'm good at it, too.
So, I go all the way over. And then, even though she does all this stuff...
D: And this happens in other context.
N: It does.
D: So, for, example, if we did a basic.
N: Oh, yeah, it does in the basic, too.
D: At the cross, very often, the guy is, like, "OK".
D: And he just rushes through.
N: Wow, that was tough.
D: Yeah, I know. I'm doing the extreme version.
And so, you really have to keep your center engaged, your core engaged so that you're able to, sort of, defend your axis.
That's a very good phrase. I tell my students all the time, that it's up to each of you.
It's every one of you. It's up to you to defend your own axis.
That's important.