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Đền bù cho đối tác của bạn - He's Pulling Me Off Balance

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Ghandi

Only vaguely related, but a cool quote.

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Artist Name:

Cuarteto Palais De Glace

Song Title:

Soñar y Nada Mas

Album Title:

Lo Mejor Del Cuarteto Palais De Glace

Traditional renditions of very popular tangos.

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Artist Name:

Yann Tiersen

Song Title:

La Valse d'Amélie

Album Title:

Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amélie Poulain

Artist Website:

AYann Tiersen

(Paraphrased from Guillaume Yann Tiersen (born 23 June 1970) is a French musician and composer. His music is recognized by its use of a large variety of instruments in relatively minimalist compositions.

For the follower, there're two different issues and I think they're both important.
One of them is, how... What does the follower do in order to not pull the leader off balance.
And the other is what does the follower do if the leader is pulling her off balance.
To not pull the leader off balance, it's really important not to allow ourselves to fall back into our heel.
And I talked about this in a different chapter. It's one of my big things.
But, if you stay, kind of, on the ball of your foot, oriented forward to the leader - that helps a lot.
So, as we're doing different things, notice, how she stays very far forward, on the ball of her foot, the whole time.
And so, right here...
There's still this sense of... Right? See, how far back she has to move to come to this place of stop.
And now, as I take this next step, most women would put the heel down immediately but she doesn't,
Which is good, right? So, you want to let me roll it all the way down, together. And, that keeps our bodies together.
N: And now, if you're pulling me off balance.
D: Right, ha-ha.
So, for example, let me be the follower. And she's going to pull me off balance.
D: So, you're the leader.
N: I'm the leader, grr.
D: And she's pulling me off balance.
Pulling you off balance is hard, David!
D: And, can you see that? Show the camera first, what you're going to do. So, they can see in your arms.
N: OK. I was starting a forward ocho, and then, I was going this way.
N: And that should have taken me off balance. But it didn't.
D: And, if you watch this... I'm the follower, now.
He just doesn't go.
And so, what happens, is, usually, when the balance gets really bad, is when it gets into the body.
When the disequilibrium gets into the body.
So, when you lose balance in your body, you lose balance everywhere.
D: But, if she's doing something bad,
N: Oh, I'm still the leader?
D: She's still the leader. Just make me fall, right there.
You know, nothing happens. Only my arms go. Right? From this angle.
And so, no one can make you oh, well. In dance, it should never happen that someone can make you lose your balance.
If they're moving you translationally, you just let your feet float.
So, if I'm holding her here, nothing I'm going to do with this hand is going to make her lose balance.
And that's because she just moves her body, whatever way I go.
She might not do what I expect her to do, or what I want her to do, if I'm leading badly.
But, otherwise, she'll just go. And you can't imagine there's any way I can move my hand in this axis that would cause her to lose balance.
Now, if I move my hand up or down, nothing should happen.
D: Why?
N: That's what they do. They do that.
But the point is, if I move this up or down - nothing happens. If I move this up or down - nothing happens.
D: Why is it when you move them both, you fall over? I don't know.
N: Well, you don't.
So, it's translational, or, maybe, there's this excess movement. But, just let that happen. It's only the translational part that matters.
N: I'm pretty good at that, too.
D: Yeah.
And now, sometimes they'll hold your body, and they'll do this. If I have my arm around her back, and I do, "Wraah!",
You have to remember, that your backs, ladies, are much stronger, than a guy's arm.
Right? A guy's arm is a muscle about this big. Maybe this big, if he's really strong.
Your back is a muscle this big, if you're really skinny.
So, as I do this wrong, just don't go.
Take the part that has to do with rotation around your own axis, and discard the part, which has to do with... Do the wrong, right now.
D: With doing this.
N: Oh, that's not fun.
D: Right? Which then leads to a really bad front ocho.
So, let's summarize, to make this easily comprehensible.
The first thing, ladies, that I want you to think about, is...
You keep him on balance, by staying on the ball of the foot, and having the softest pressure, in whatever direction you like.
You keep your own balance, by making sure, in your arms, you only take the... the impulses, that are useful.
D: Saying, "Pivot around your own axis".
N: That's very well said.
That there's movement translationally, which causes you to step.
And that there's other weird things he'll do. Bending your torso, or weird stuff with your arms. And you'll just discard that.
D: If it's movement with your arms, just let him do it. And if it's movement with your torso - don't let him do it.
N: Don't let him do it. Right.