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Milonguero Style Đóng Embrace - Push Cross To Rock

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One major point to remember is that, most of the time when the leaders are pushing the follower's legs with their own, it's not actually about the legs but rather about the shift of the center of gravity. The leg just follows.

Followers:: try to keep the low back flat and let the bend in the knee relate to the push of the thigh, so that you are aligned and connected.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Q Tango
Tên bài hát:
El Panuelito
Tiêu đề album:
Live Four Q Tango
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From website: Created in July, 2009 by Erskine Maytorena, a third generation tango musician and opera singer, QTANGO performs authentic Argentine tango arrangements throughout the southwest, with multiple tours including appearances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Tucson, Sedona, Las Vegas, El Paso, Santa Fe and Albuqeurque. Specializing in the traditional tango music of the "Golden Age" of the great Argentine tango orchestras, QTANGO's dynamic and powerful music keeps dancers on the floor and listeners enthralled. Every song is a novella; a story of love, betrayal, desperation and hope. QTANGO's musicians give the audience a unique and intimate experience, an acoustic resonance only an orchestra can provide, a journey into the romance, passion and elegance of tango. Whether touring as a quartet or performing gala events with over 14 musicians, every performance is sophisticated, engaging, nostalgic, and moving.

So, we've got push cross, rock and cross. A rock and side.
D: A very rhythmic combination.
N: It is.
And so, for the leaders, it starts side. And here, I'm going this way so I can push her leg into that cross.
And so, the shift... So, I put my thigh in the path of her right thigh.
And it's the shift of my weight to my right foot that causes the foot to cross.
D: And then, it's a further shift of my body that causes ah...
N: My weight to shift.
D: Her weight to shift to that crossed foot.
And you'll notice that I'm actually cutting, as she crosses.
N: He may just be really useful at this.
D: Side. Step, cut. Open.
N: But, for me, this feels very easy.
D: And then, I rotate. Step, she crosses. Like an ocho cortado, although it doesn't have to be.
Rock and side.
So it has this nice rhythm. Side. Push cross. Open and cross. Rock and side.
So, you see there's the push in the thigh. Here, shifts over. We both shift. Rocks open,
Crosses. And right there, on this cross right here,
I'm very conscious that wherever...I'm going to step where her left foot is going to be so I stay in front of her.
D: She goes and I step where she's going to be so we keep our distance.
N: Well, we won't have any distance.
D: Right, where we keep our same not-distance.
N: So we're not dumping over either. Right.
D: Let's show it one more time.
N: Yeah.
D: Let's show it one more time.
D: This is a David one. No, this is the one, the way David counts.