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Từ vựng tuyến tính - Example Combo 1

Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
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Being very aware of the direction of pressure helps a lot.

For leaders: if you tell her to go back at 5 degrees and then, instead of going back straight, she goes back at 5 degrees, it's not really her fault. Amusingly enough, this isn't the bad case. The bad case is to say with your lead, without meaning to (no one does this on purpose), that she should maybe kinka sorta go back 5 degrees. Then no one knows what's going to happen.

For followers: We'll say 2 things. The first is that, if he says "go back" and you go back at 5 degrees, that's not his fault. The second is that, on the other hand, when he's moving and his lead is not saying anything clearly, then what do you do? Our answer is that you should cleave to his body and go the direction he goes.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Astor Piazzolla
Tên bài hát:
Adiós Nonino
Trang nghệ sĩ:

We found this particular rendition by looking at the Mandrágora Tango website

(Paraphrased from wikipedia): Piazzolla's tango was distinct from the traditional tango in its incorporation of elements of jazz, its use of extended harmonies and dissonance, its use of counterpoint, and its ventures into extended compositional forms. As Argentine psychoanalyst Carlos Kuri has pointed out, Piazzolla's fusion of tango with this wide range of other recognizable Western musical elements was so successful that it produced a new individual style transcending these influences.

So, David is going to make a couple of combinations in the next videos,
and we're just going to show them to you, and you can do them behind us,
And basically, we will teach you this specific vocabulary,
But the goal is to let you see a little bit of how much you can vary, very little and very few steps.
For example, we can go...
Forward, side... wait,
Change weight, forward... wait.
And so, if we just do that twice...
Yeah, let's do that
That would look like...
And so, that, all by itself, is enough to make a combination.
And it's worth your doing it behind us, or do it with us a little bit, just so you get used to it.
Yeah, so follow along.
This is, basically, just an example.
We hold each other, I go forward...
She stays forward, towards me, makes me to push through her,
There's side. Here, we just pause, and it's complete stillness.
And then the change weight.
Forward, pause...
And then you go on into your next thing, whatever it is, front ochos or forward, side.