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Đóng Nắm Embrace - Các yếu tố bổ sung - Basic

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Close embrace is a lot about feel. If you're off an inch and you're open, your arms just absorb the difference. But if you're off an inch in close embrace, you and your leader/follower feel very uncomfortable. For the followers, stepping exactly where the leader's chest leads, and not an inch off, makes a big difference i n the comfort of the dance.

For Leaders:: Clarity of intention moves from being important to the enjoyment and beauty of the dance to being critical.

How do you learn to lead and follow the millimeters? You learn by trying and making lots of small adjustments and getting feedback.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Benzion Witler
Tên bài hát:
Ales Farloim
Tiêu đề album:
More Gems of Jewish Folk Songs

(From Wikipedia): Ben-Zion Witler (Ben-Tsion Vitler, BenZion Wittler), 1907–1961, Jewish singer, actor, coupletist, comedian and composer.

This is David's variation on the basic which is really fun for the follower.
And for the leader.
N: It's the swirl around that really is cool.
D: I think, a lot of parts are cool.
So, it begins like a normal right foot basic, for the leaders. And we're doing it in close embrace, but the distance doesn't matter.
N: Well, doesn't it change things, if we do it in close embrace or far?
D: Yeah, it changes things.
N: So, let's do it in close embrace, that's what we're talking about.
D: I want to show it in open.
N: OK.
So, when I walk outside, it'll be smaller in close embrace.
Here, when she crosses, I don't change weight with her which is unusual. And, instead, I walk straight through her.
Trick with that step, is, you'll see, at the cross, I subtract a step. So, when she crosses, I do not step.
If we just sketch it.
Right here, on the cross, you'll see that she crosses, but I don't. So that, when she walks back on her right, I walk forward on my right.
So, for the leaders, if I'm the follower, and I'm in this cross, when she goes back right, here's this channel.
And you want to go forward through, on your right, through that channel.
For the followers, since we're doing this close, for both, this is a small step.
And then, you keep your weight forward. Forward, forward.
Right here, after he walks forward, she walks back, I'm going to step around her with my left foot.
And then, back.
And that around and back is a really cool step, because there's this sense of, "Ah", and then,
So, you can have this little bit of a hover.
That is the fun part.
I did the wrong thing. One more time, for me to do the right thing.
And you can turn it more or less. So you can stay in camera, or other details like that.
Anything else?