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Một bài múa mẫu - Part 3 - Lift

Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
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Often, with dramatic endings or lifts, they are most effective if they have multiple pieces. So you do one thing and the audience wows thinking that's the end and then you segue into something else (in the lift) that is even more impressive.

For example, if you pick her up and put her down, that's nice. If we pick her up, rotate her into an attitude and then pull her back to an in the air shadow position and slowly let her slide down, then that becomes *very* nice.

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Mandragora Tango
Tên bài hát:
Adios Nonino
Tiêu đề album:
Let's Have Dinner And Go Dancing
Trang nghệ sĩ:

From website: Mandrágora Tango is a tango band headed by bandoneonist Bob Barnes and guitarist Scott Mateo Davies, 2 Minneapolis-based musicians who are wildly passionate about tango. We have been playing tango for dancing and listening since 2001 and we are still going strong. We've played in over 40 cities all over the United States.

Now, for the trick. And I want to make the comment, that...
Even though I'm breaking this down, and very quickly sketching out what I'm doing,
As you lis... I want you to really listen to the music, and say... Hear how the music shifts, at each section.
You know, there's this four of these. And that's one section, that's the introduction.
And then, there's this shift in the music again, after this.
They're saying, and then, da-da-da-da.
And so, that's a new section. So, even though we're teaching, "Oh, here's this trick", you can put in your own trick.
Right? When you hear the music shift to something that's appropriate, and do it your own way.
Anyway. We end up in this side lunge.
From here, I'm going to rotate. So I'm more in front of her. She pivots to face me.
In my arms, I'm going to lift up, and I'm going to lower myself down.
So her left foot can get right there, in the crease between my...pelvis and my thigh.
And then, I'll hook around. With my back hand, I'm going to lift up, as she pushes, so she can rise. Notice the point on her right leg.
I'll rotate... And pull away. So she can hit that attitude. Knee high.
And then, I'll rotate back. And here, I'm, sort of, controlling the down, we both are. Let's show that again.
So, after up here, with leg pointed, for the girls, it rotates.
Leg goes up, knee is high. Or, this way, for the camera. Knee is high, rather than down.
So, it rotates, knee is high. It rotates again, and here, ladies, you're really pushing down.
And, leaders, you're really... With the back hand, I'm pushing up; left hand up. So that she can slide down in a controlled way.
You don't want, "Plunck".
Also... So, I'm lifting up to get her leg to go up.
Notice, with this arm I'm hooking tight snug against her leg. So it's really secured.
With my back hand...
And then, I let it slide.
Rotates... Rotates.
And slides down.
Harder slow, much easier fast.