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Thang máy - 2 - A Vertical Expression

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Đăng một câu hỏi trên diễn đàn của chúng tôi ở đây .
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Knowing the mechanics helps a lot to make these lifts work. However, to make them beautiful, it's important to keep the entire body energized (well, that's true of all movement).

For The Follower: Pay attention to sending energy out through the point of your foot and pay attention to your angle toward your partner.

For The Leaders: Be sure to get underneath her to lift.

Getting Underneath to Lift

Tên nghệ sĩ:
Michael Allen Harrison
Tên bài hát:
Argentine Fire
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From the artist's website: Michael Allen Harrison delivers music to the heart. His classical contemporary style carves a distinct niche of timeless music that has connected with so many during his two and a half decade career. Michael is known for his piano solo performances and recordings, his upbeat sound with his band , his work with inspiring vocalist Julianne Johnson, his skills producing and creating music for ballet, theater and film, his love for teaching and perhaps mostly known for his giving spirit.

And so, it's like you go, "Wham!".
And then, what I want you to think about is the prep first. Make things clean.
The instinct... And you'll notice I don't have my glasses on. That's because, as I walk off camera...
As she's slithering down, you can imagine, she jumps up, and then she slithers down.
Bang, bang, bang, bang. Oh my, my forehead! So, so that she's intact.
On the... First lunge, that can be any timing you like.
After that, I'll adjust my hand, so I can be underneath, and she'll go above.
We start knowing where we're going to end up.
So, my back arm, after the step... As we're shifting, but after the weight's committed, I'm going underneath.
If you see, on the back... Let me move you over. Scoot, scoot, scoot, scoot.
So, my hand goes right here, in the curve of the back, so I can push up. Right arm.
Left hand is underneath.
With her left hand, instead of being around, as is sometimes typical, here, she can't use that to push.
So, because... She's like, "I can, but not much". Not much.
So, she'll have it here, and, instead of having it turned in, she'll have it turned out. So that, as she goes up, this is how she'll want it to be.
So, here's our prep. Let's do this angle, actually, for clarity.
We have lunge. And I'll go lower than her. Come underneath. And she's pushing... Ready to push down.
And then, I'll go, "Mhah!". And so, you'll feel the body coil, like a spring.
And, likewise, with her right leg, she's jumping. There's, I mean...
If I were Godzilla. Of course I'm Godzilla, but I don't want to abuse my strength.
So, therefore, she's going to jump up, pushing with her left thigh, like, bejesus.
Pushing down, with her left arm. Her right arm straight in to my arm, as I do all the things, vhuh.
Better angle for them to see.
So, here's our lunge. I'll go down, under. Here's our adjustment. Then she jumps. I go, "Up!".
Then, it slides down. Now, right there, as it slides down, her left leg hooks. Tight around the thigh.
And, notice, actually, just to show off. So, really hook with that left leg. Now, let go, with your left arm.
Let go with your right arm. You know, this is really all we need.
And, if she has her left arm... And, you know, more vertical, keep this really towards me. Almost, it can stay just that.
She's sweating. It's just sweat.
So, I really want you to think, for the followers,
That you can wrap with that leg, as you slide down to help to control the descent. And then, with the other leg, you really point it.
One last time.
Sorry, Jessica.
How can you not ham it up.