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Milonguero Style Close Embrace - QDemo Dance - Milonguero Style Close Embrace

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We do the demo dances so that you have an opportunity to see us put together these steps. However, partly, we want to say that it's a also very nice thing to do things which are very simple. We would have done such a demo dance. But, while it feels very nice, it doesn't look particularly eventful. Though, between you and your partner, it certainly can be. So, while we decided we probably shouldn't show you an extremely simple dance, we encourage you to sometimes do extremely simple dances.

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Q Tango
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Yo Me Llamo Juan Te Quiero
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Live Four Q Tango
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From website: Created in July, 2009 by Erskine Maytorena, a third generation tango musician and opera singer, QTANGO performs authentic Argentine tango arrangements throughout the southwest, with multiple tours including appearances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Tucson, Sedona, Las Vegas, El Paso, Santa Fe and Albuqeurque. Specializing in the traditional tango music of the "Golden Age" of the great Argentine tango orchestras, QTANGO's dynamic and powerful music keeps dancers on the floor and listeners enthralled. Every song is a novella; a story of love, betrayal, desperation and hope. QTANGO's musicians give the audience a unique and intimate experience, an acoustic resonance only an orchestra can provide, a journey into the romance, passion and elegance of tango. Whether touring as a quartet or performing gala events with over 14 musicians, every performance is sophisticated, engaging, nostalgic, and moving.