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Perbendaharaan Kata Linear - A full dance

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It's often said by those who like to repeat tango lore (whether they are teaching it or not) that walking is the most important. And it really is the foundation of the dance.

However, while we want you to work on your walk, we want you to work on everything. In our opinion, focusing exclusively (for months) on walking makes it harder for the mind to learn. So we want you to work on walking and then we want you to go away and do something else and then we want you to come back. That way, every time you work on the fundamentals, they are new and fresh.

We are still working on walking. Also, we have a number of videos about fundamental technique and these will grow because we want our students to be able to work on something in a first pass and then come back, over and over, to learn it and do it more deeply.

Nama artis:
Francisco Canaro
Tajuk lagu:
Angelitos Negros
Tajuk Album:
Te Acordas Hermano

Known for his early Golden Age compositions, wikipedia says he made his first violin from an empty oil can.

Whoops, cheated.
Pretend you didn't see that.
What did you do?
I weight changed accidentally
Oh, oh, I didn't tell them we're doing a sample dance?
Ugh, no
We're doing a sample dance.
So say what it is!
So, what we wanted to do was show that...
Just a bunch of those same things put together, to the music, is enough to do a dance.
And you can just pick it, based on what you feel from the music, and limit yourself to those few steps.
And that's what we're going to do.