Classes cancelled 2 months in the summer of 2024 ... from May 16th - July 23rd due to travel. We will resume July 28th. ×

What Our Students Say

A text message we got from one of our students before one of our Sunday classes: "Got food poisoning. Car broke down. Will take Pepto Bismol and borrow parents car. Be there by 1".

For the past 2 or more months, I have looked forward to the class tonight. All my expectations were fulfilled and surpassed. I loved it. I understand the artful way David teaches and communicates. His energy and passion are contagious. I am very fortunate to have found him and grateful that I can spend the time I have learning from him. I have only one thought this morning...MORE...please?! - Charles Pavarini, III, New York City

Within the first hour of the first class I took, several weeks ago, I knew that David's classes were going to benefit me far more than any of the group classes I had taken elsewhere. I knew this because, without saying it, he teaches a quietness, a stillness, a sense of listening, and a sense of oneness with a dance partner that I have never seen taught before. - Amy B.

David and Nancy have an amazing teaching style. I feel there is no better instruction out there for Argentine Tango. They have so much knowledge about how each step should look and feel. - James Ferguson

David and Nancy both posess a beautiful passion for the Argentine Tango and it comes through in their teaching and creates such an energy in class and makes you excited because they are so excited and it is such a part of them. - Kerry D

The first class I attended was only to keep a friend company. I loved it so much that I have been going every Sunday for the last four months even when my friend cannot attend. David and Nancy are both truly wonderful in teaching the art of Argentine tango. - Alex C.

Not only do they show us how the dance should look, they teach us how the movements should FEEL. David and Nancy are always so positive, enthusiastic, creative, and encouraging, and I have always felt comfortable and accepted in their class. I brag about them to everyone! - Danielle F.

I first came to this class just wanting to learn how to dance tango and found myself falling in love with the essence of the dance because David and Nancy teach how to dance in your body. They made me feel welcomed, comfortable and challenged me to grow as a dancer. - Crystal S.