Classes cancelled 2 months in the summer of 2024 ... from May 16th - July 23rd due to travel. We will resume July 28th. ×
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Local Links

Tango Odessy:
A central reference for tango dancing in Phoenix.
Phoenix Argentine Tango:
Another Phoenix tango claendar
Phoenix Argentine Tango Facebook Group:
Discussion group & posts for Phoenix Aregentine Tango


General Lead/Follow:
Lead/Follow for Ballroom, West Coast Swing, etc. Much of it is applicable to tango.
Homer's Summaries:
Class summaries by Homer Ladas - very nuevo styled, often cool and/or different things you can do in Argentine Tango.
tango in the world:
Thank you Michelle and the rest of kids at their upstate New York youth center for sharing this with us.

Learn About Tango's Essense

Planet Tango:
Various articles about tango.
Tango and Chaos:
Articles about tango and its history, some tutorial and some videos. Sections 2 and 4 are very good.

Tango Music

A very cool site that has a lot of free music, sheet music, forums, etc.

Other Tango Links

Links to extensive tango-related, annotated lists. This site has videos, music, a glossary and articles.