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What Our Students Say - Expanded

I first came to this class just wanting to learn how to dance tango and found myself falling in love with the essence of the dance because David and Nancy don't just teach steps, they teach how to dance in your body, how to feel and play with the music, how to bring life to even the smallest movements and build it through out the dance to make a spectacular display of movement. David and Nancy are by far the best in the valley. I came in knowing nothing about tango and they made me feel welcomed, comfortable and challenged me to grow as a dancer. They make their classes fun and break down every move into the smallest bits so you can fully understand every part and confidently execute the moves. No matter what level or amount of experience you have they can teach you tango. I absolutely love them and recommend they 100% to anyone and everyone. If tango is what you want to learn David and Nancy are your number one option, hands down without a doubt. Not only are they amazing teachers, they're amazing people. - Crystal S.

David is an awesome tango instructor!! He has a unique ability to connect with his students on multiple levels and personalize his instructions to bring out the best qualities in each of them. His classes are refreshing, rewarding, and fun! - Janet Montoya

David and Nancy have an amazing teaching style. My wife and I are very happy with the dance instruction they have given us. I feel there is no better instruction out there for Argentine Tango. They have so much knowledge about how each step should look and feel. If you want the best in Argentine Tango instruction, take from David and Nancy. - James Ferguson

I have said that I "hated" group classes. First of all, I don't HATE them, and I certainly don't hate David's! In fact, he is the MOST attentive and most passionate group-class teacher I have ever seen. Within the first hour of the first class I took, several weeks ago, I knew that his classes were going to benefit me far more than any of the group classes I had taken elsewhere. I knew this because, without saying it, he teaches a quietness, a stillness, a sense of listening, and a sense of oneness with a dance partner that I have never seen taught before. And so, after just a few weeks of taking the classes, I am already beginning to see my dance -- even in different dances -- improving. This makes me VERY happy! :) - Amy B

The first class I attended was only to keep a friend company. I loved it so much after that I have been going every Sunday for the last four months even when my friend cannot attend. David and Nancy are both truly wonderful in teaching the art of Argentine tango. They are fun, sweet people and it has been a pleasure to know them and I plan to learn from them as far into the future as I can see. They do more than teach you the moves of tango. They teach you how to feel the moves and connect with your partner on a deeper level. The lessons are easy to follow even for beginners and the students are taught so well in there that they are more than willing to help you out as well and you come out knowing a minimum of three moves and they all build in so well class after class. I would not recommend anyone higher than these two people. - Alex C.

I LOVE David and Nancy both SO much!! I brag about them to everyone! David and Nancy are two of the BEST dance teachers, honestly!! They both make dancing SO much fun. Not only do they show us how the dance should look, they teach us how the movements should FEEL. It's one of the many unique qualities that they offer their students, that really helps us in our learning process. David and Nancy are always so positive, enthusiastic, creative, and encouraging, and I have always felt comfortable and accepted in their class. It makes their students look forward to practicing at home so that we can just return the following week and make them proud. My husband and I just thrive in the uplifting, nurturing environment that they provide for their students. We look forward to each and every class. We are very pleased at how much we have learned, and learned to do well, in such a short amount of time. They have attracted a really great group of people to their Argentine Tango class. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. We are very grateful that we found them!! We are looking forward to dancing wit them both for a VERY long time. - Danielle F.

I took two courses with David and Nancy, bringing several of my friends to the second one. Despite me being terrible at dancing, they both gave me excellent instruction and encouragement...Highly recommended! - Nick H.

I have been taking David and Nancys beginner and intermediate classes for about 5 months now and I love it. I feel like the studio is my home and that the class is my tango family. The dancers that come to the class, the long time students of theirs and the new comers, are all so loving, warm, and inviting. David and Nancy both posess a beautiful passion for the Argentine Tango and it comes through in their teaching and creates such an energy in class and makes you excited because they are so excited and it is such a part of them. They have the ability to work with the most inexperienced dancer, teaching the basic nature and steps of the tango; to the the tangueros that have been dancing for years as they are able to guide and teach down to the most precise detail of angle, movement, and feeling. I have learned so much from them, I love what going to their class has done for me and my tango. - Kerry D.