Prendre 4 - Deriving Wrap

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Another idea in tango, which we haven't yet talked about explicitly is the idea of wrapping your contra so that the body tends to spiral around itself whether the step is ocho, freno, wrap, walking...

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Michael Allen Harrison
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Tango With Joe
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From the artist's website: Michael Allen Harrison delivers music to the heart. His classical contemporary style carves a distinct niche of timeless music that has connected with so many during his two and a half decade career.

In wrap, the aspect I want to highlight, is the way that...
Oh, I said earlier, tango is about distance, beautiful distance, and so there's an internal distance, it's beautiful, it's not a simple shape
In a leader's body, in a follower's body, and between them.
So if you watch the leader, I'm not doing this, which is flat, I'm doing that
So there's the hook in the right foot, the rotation of the body, and then the return. It's not a shiftable shape.
And for the follower, likewise, if she's wrapping around me, and I move out of the way, you'll see how she's crawled around herself.
My core is facing that way, and then my top is coming back towards the leader.
And so there's this beautiful interlocking spiral, for the follower and for the leader
That's very cool
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