Classes cancelled 2 months in the summer of 2024 ... from May 16th - July 23rd due to travel. We will resume July 28th. ×


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“大卫和南希不只是教步,他们会教你如何在自己的身体里跳舞,让自己的课变得有趣,把每一步都分解成最小的部分,这样你就可以完全理解每一个部分,并自信地执行这些动作。 - Crystal S.

“一切都很完美,导师们都很棒,善良,可爱,耐心,非常有知识,我们接受的不仅仅是一个探戈课程,他们还教会了如何与人交谈或者合作,这个空间是完美的,音乐很棒我一定会回来😊“ - 珍妮弗·J



A little about David and Nancy

Study Argentine Tango in the Phoenix area with David Liu and Nancy Solano. They teach in the Phoenix area in Chandler, Scottsdale and Tempe. They are creative Argentine Tango teachers and performers. They have both taken unusual paths to become the artists they are.

David has studied movement reeducation (Ideokinesis and Feldenkrais) and also rhythm analysis. He has studied modern dance with Marni Wood (former dancer / director of the Martha Graham school) and with Ethel Dias (current teacher with the Alvin Ailey Company). In addition, he has studied Argentine Tango with Michael Walker and with many world class Argentine performers and instructors.

Nancy has had an extensive education in classical art and music, as well as studying classical dance for over 20 years. She has performed in New York City and at prestigious Jacob's Pillow. She has studied Argentine Tango with David and with Michael Walker.