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「デイヴィッドとナンシーは、ステップを教えるだけでなく、身体の中で踊る方法を教えます。彼らはクラスを楽しくし、すべての部分を完全に理解し、自信を持って動きを実行できるように、あらゆる動きを最小限のものに分解します。 - クリスタルS.

「すべてが完璧だったし、インストラクターは素晴らしく、親切で、愛されていて、患者は非常に知識が豊富だった」タンゴのレッスン以上のものを受け取り、会話や体を一緒に演奏する方法を教え、空間は完璧だった。と私は確かに戻ってくるだろう " - Jennifer J.

「ダビデは最も素晴らしいインストラクターです。私は多くの教師、振付師、ダンサーなどと一緒に仕事をしています。 Charles Pavarini III、ニューヨーク市


A little about David and Nancy

Study Argentine Tango in the Phoenix area with David Liu and Nancy Solano. They teach in the Phoenix area in Chandler, Scottsdale and Tempe. They are creative Argentine Tango teachers and performers. They have both taken unusual paths to become the artists they are.

David has studied movement reeducation (Ideokinesis and Feldenkrais) and also rhythm analysis. He has studied modern dance with Marni Wood (former dancer / director of the Martha Graham school) and with Ethel Dias (current teacher with the Alvin Ailey Company). In addition, he has studied Argentine Tango with Michael Walker and with many world class Argentine performers and instructors.

Nancy has had an extensive education in classical art and music, as well as studying classical dance for over 20 years. She has performed in New York City and at prestigious Jacob's Pillow. She has studied Argentine Tango with David and with Michael Walker.