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Tango Intensive

  • Immersion in an intense tango learning experience.
  • Includes:
    1. 20 hours of private lessons taken in 10 two hour sessions
    2. A dance choreographed specially for the student
    3. A chance for you to video David performing each part separately
    4. A chance for you to video your performance
    5. A cd with at least 25 varied tangos
    6. A cd with your special tango
  • Costs $1800 for 1 person or a couple
  • Costs $2400 for 3 people or 2 couples

Goals of the Tango Intensive

  • Use the choreography to learn tango
  • Have a routine "in your pocket"
  • Show friends or perform publically
  • Have greater confidence when dancing socially
  • Have an immersive experience which triggers faster learning
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