मिलॉन्गा परिचयात्मक शब्दावली - Milonga Sample Dance

फेसबुक पर साइट को साझा करें।
फेसबुक पर साइट को साझा करें।

For a lot of people, milonga is intimidating. A large part of that is that it feels so fast.

(Nancy talking)I remember my first milonga so well. I was so very excited and so very intimidated. I heard milonga music and said to my partner (David), "oh, that's a fast tango. I don't like fast tangos." And I sat down. Now I like them so very much that David knows, whenever we're at a milonga (tango dance), wherever he is at the time, even all the way across a very large room, whenever the first milonga song comes on, he looks for me. Because I *always* get the first milonga.

What you should do is just keep changing weight in place. Walk. And remember to not step too big, so you have more time.

कलाकार का नाम:
Joe Powers
गीत शीर्षक:
Se Dice De Mi
एल्बम शीर्षक:
Amor de Tango
कलाकार वेबसाइट:

(From the website): International harmonica sensation, Joe Powers is taking his instrument to new heights with his energetic and engaging performances that cover a full spectrum of musical genres.